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"I lost my life savings
because of Ransomware."

73% of companies in the USA got Ransomware in 2022.

$600,000 was the average payment to get data back.

40% of senior leadership was let go after an attack

36% of companies closed

We partnered with Google to provide a Ransomware immune OS to our customers.

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Managed I.T. you will love

Managed IT for People Tulsa Oklahoma

I.T. fit to people

Managed IT for people within Tulsa Oklahoma

Secure I.T.

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Save in the Cloud

Your managed IT isn't working when:

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IT hinders the path to progress

To have good IT, your managed IT provider must understand what you want to accomplish – not just in IT strategy, but in your organizations strategy.
You deserve a provider who understands both your IT & the Organizational aspects that make you unique.

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IT issues become time monsters

Is IT not able to get the job done?
Is unwarranted supervision the norm?
Our partner methodology helps you alleviate pressure from poorly integrated IT partners.

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IT is avoided by your people

Do your people feel uneasy calling your IT partner?
Do users report frequent frustration to management about interactions with your IT staff?
Our proven solutions & methodologies can make your people exited to ask for partner support.

With Abney Global, you will:

managed it that serves Tulsa Oklahoma with secure, reliable, safe, cloud technology, it services

have a plan

Abney Global offers Industry leading experts to help map the goals for your business

managed it that serves Tulsa Oklahoma with secure, reliable, safe, cloud technology, it services in Tulsa Oklahoma

build yourself up

From researching your own organization, we'll make you stronger & help you grow

managed it that serves Tulsa Oklahoma with secure, reliable, safe, cloud technology, it services for the Tulsa Oklahoma area

save money

We use our research into people and the workplace to make you money

Managed Solutions, Tailored for You

Solutions for office managers/controllers

As an Office Manager
you are juggling too much.

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Solutions for owners

As the owner, you need an IT partner that understands your business needs.

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Solutions for IT Managers

Managing IT is tough...
Let us be a partner to help you succeed!

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3 easy steps to get modern managed I.T. that your company will love 😍

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Transition made easy

Our onboarding group will do all the work. Creating a smooth transition to partnership!

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Your whole company will be working with our I.T. within no time! Leaving you powerful.

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