Abney Family

Over one thousand years of natural leadership experience.

Loudoun Castle

Home of the Abney-Hastings family.

Who we are.

Below you will find some of the leaders of the Abney family who inspire us.

Lord William D'Aubeney

One of the twenty-five guarantors of the Magna Carta: Read More.

Lord Henry Dabney

Also known as Henry Daubeney, was the 1st Earl of Bridgewater. He was an English peer who sat in the House of Lords: Read More.

Sir Thomas Abney

Lord Mayor of the City of London, and Principal founder of the Bank of England.

Willesley Hall

Home of the Abney family.

Lady Mary Abney

Started Abney Park with Dr. Isaac Watts and daughters. Abney Park is home to the oldest surviving non-denominational chapel in Europe: Read More.

Capt. Frank Abney-Hastings

Captain of the first steam-powered warship. Volunteered his services to the Hellenic Navy during the Greek War of Independence – to which he also gave his life: Read More.

Lady Barbara Abney-Hastings

13th Countess of Loudoun, She sat as a cross-bencher, and was concerned with social justice: Read More.

Sir William Abney, KCB, FRS

was an English astronomer, chemist, and photographer: Read More.

Belvoir Castle

Home of the senior decedents of William D’Aubeney, Lord of Belvoir.

Benjamin Abney

South Carolina Philanthropist, Lawyer, and backroom political figure: Read More.

Susie Mathews Abney

Philanthropist, founder of the Abney Foundation. Since 2017 over $58,517,823 has been donated: Read More

Ben Abney

Co-Founder of Oklahoma’s third largest law firm: Read More.

David Abney

CEO of UPS Read More.


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