Topics we can help you understand

  • Hidden costs around not becoming a multi-OS environment; e.g.
    1. ChromeOS
    2. macOS
    3. iPadOS
    • Exploring training costs; e.g.,
      1. Productivity loss
      2. Designing & implementation of training
      3. H.R., education costs to understand I.T. systems 
    • Exploring long-term costs to stakeholders
      1. Hidden costs of long-term cycled spend
      2. misalignment with key stakeholders
      3. ability to recruit top talent from GenZ



      the internet generation, might be the one to follow...

      As not just an I.T. company, but organizational consultants, we know that for many organizations Baby Boomers are starting to retire out of senior leadership.

      Open doors await the "forgotten" generation, those Americans born between 1965 and 1980.

      Followed by our much publicized Millennials, and finally, our GenZ.

      Leaders of the forgotten generation have a pivotal & defining moment in the early hours of their senior management.

      Do they keep the technological status quo from the earliest days of technology. Or, do they modernize and follow the lead of the first generation to never live without the Internet almost all of us rely on?


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