I/O Psychologists, are they licensed?


I/O Psychologists, are they licensed?

Your therapist holds a license by their state.

You might then ask, do I/O Psychologists have a license?

The answer is, yes, they do.


The legal setup

I/O Psychologists gain their licensure in a mixture of ways.

As workers for consultants, they might be working in any given state. As clients are often located across the USA, an I/O Psychologist might not fit into State licensure.

Therapists or other medical providers are usually fixed into a local geographic area. Meaning state licensure fits their work.

For many I/O Psychologists, the state method doesn't make sense. Leaving the American Psychological Association, which works with States to craft their laws. As the second official governing body.

As most States link their laws to the APA's code of ethics, the same ethics apply to an I/O Psychologist.

Creating a method for Licensure revocation, grievance complaints, and other professional repercussions. Should unscrupulous acts occur from an I/O Psychologist.