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Ransomware statistics

80% that paid, were hit a second time; with a higher ransom


73% of USA companies were attacked in 2022

We often hear,
"we never thought it would happen to us"

The truth is, that is no longer the case.


Senior Leadership Loss

35% of companies loss senior leadership

Planning ahead is planning to keep your job.

Average Ransom Payment


CNA Financial Paid

$40 Million

Attacks Increased


How do we provide more than other IRP planners?

  1. We provide more than technical considerations
  2. Identifying individuals and their skills
  3. Providing H.R. & Managers needed information for up-skilling of individual
  4. Employing not just technical workers, but Occupational & Organizational Psychologists
  5. Developing a holistic plan that looks at people & technology

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