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Managed IT:

People First, the way IT is supposed to be done

Is ceremonial IT holding you back...

Ceremonial IT solutions giving you basic results:

  • IT planning centered around hardware & projects – not about your people & their needs
  • Remote workers receiving less value from your IT support staff than in-office employees
  • Employee choice?! What’s that! This is a Windows shop! Get that iMac out of here!

IT providers who stick with tradition can be your competitors dream come true

Managed IT Solutions Tailored for You

Solutions for Office Managers/Controllers

As an Office Manager
you are juggling too much.
Let's change that.

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Solutions for owners

As the owner, you need an IT partner that understands your business needs & growth.
With our solutions, we can help get you there!

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Solutions for IT Managers

Keeping up with IT is tough while planning, managing resources & the day to day support.
Let our team be your partner!

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Office Manager/Controller

As an office manager, you are busy making schedules & overseeing a lot of pressure points. The last thing you need is a part-time IT job!

What can you accomplish with a partner like Abney Global?

  • Boost team morale & employee satisfaction; with an IT partner that is fast and friendly. Always there to support you & your team!
  • Gain valuable time back by focusing on tasks you excel at & let your IT partner deliver results.
  • Securing your environment - BYOD, WFH, times are confusing, but this is our speciality area we love to work with; be secure wherever your employees are!



You want to develop an IT strategy that aligns with your business goals and direction.

You are aware of the costs security breaches can have & how that can negatively change your company's image. 

As a leader, you are concerned about the seriousness of the Great Resignation & how your IT capabilities affect employee retention & influence your ability to obtain talent.

However, hiring a full-time employee just doesn't make sense always. And can be cost-prohibitive. Hiring a partner with multiple people for less just makes sense!

  • A partner who can talk business with you is critical for communicating with your IT department. Our IT leadership's business background distinguishes us from other IT providers. With alumni from a top 10 business university in England to Scandinavia's #1 business school.
  • Experience in how to audit your current IT capabilities. Once we understand the goals of your organisation & what values you hold, we audit your existing IT infrastructure & identify any gaps that could prevent you from reaching your goals.

  • Don’t worry; we have a Capricorn on hand! Organising your IT strategy, making sure you’re remote work-friendly, all planning & procedure development comes from us. So your organisation can keep doing what you do best.

IT Managers

You are keeping up with budgeting, planning & procedure management, and current trends. Have a trained staff? Those certs need to be studied & taken periodically too! As if that wasn't enough, the IT gods decided to sprinkle in some day-to-day user support for the IT managers working in SMBs.

We are inviting you to higher success via our co-managed IT solutions. Let us fill in gaps & expand your team's abilities. Together, we can ensure IT is effectively supporting the organisation.

How we might help:

  • IaaS, SaaS, DaaS; all that aaS! We can help you explore, develop & deploy these solutions.

  • Network security with layered protection at critical points of vulnerability. We utilise our teams' certifications in networking to deploy tools & design networks to protect your organisation from threats.

  • Welcome to our Tool Era™. Your team gets access to our proven stack of tools to make day to day IT management more straightforward.

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