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Brands you trust are leaving legacy software like Microsoft Windows for Google Enterprise solutions.
We'll show you their stories.


Chrome OS Enterprise beat out Windows and macOS for Schwab employees and customers.

The lack of legacy code meant it was safer, more secure, and cheaper than any other operating system.


With over 13,000 Chrome OS devices deployed in North America.
Starbucks replaced Windows & returned significant cost savings.

Over four years later, Starbucks feels switching to Chrome OS Enterprise was the right choice.

Josh, know us?


These brands all have something in common.

Want to know what?

I'll tell you, even give you a roadmap.

But there is something you should know.

I'm a

All of the methodologies you'll see here, come from years of research and personal experience.

First, let's talk security

How Nordic Choice Hotels quickly recovered from ransomware.

"we thought we would be down for weeks, possibly months, with guests unable to use keycards"

"I lost my life savings
because of Ransomware."

73% of companies in the USA got Ransomware in 2022.

$600,000 was the average payment to get data back.

40% of senior leadership was let go after an attack

36% of companies closed


Brands using ChromeOS

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Dependable Migrations
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We guard your data on existing platforms and navigate it to Google Workspace.
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We know the hard work is getting you relaxed with your new systems.
That's why we lead where others stop.
Our licensed workplace psychologists will treat you humanly through the transition.


Stable Management
for the future

We guard your data on existing platforms and navigate it to Google Workspace.
From Microsoft 365, Dropbox, and more.

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